Photography Courses for Kids

We just love kids! And we know what it is like to be a kid with a passion to photograph anything and everything! Today in the digital world it's even easier to give your kid the camera to shoot as many photos as he could, unlike the old film days when it was too expensive to do that.


Miriam Shaker, the co-founder of The Photo Makeup, not only has the passion for but also the experience. She has been doing this for more than 3 years now. With both school kids and underprivileged kids as well.


Photography is not just so exciting for any kid, it also helps kids see and engage in the world around them differently and helps grown ups around them see the world through their eyes. Photography introduces kids to so many things in life like light, shadows, textures, colors, perspective, compositions, sizes, proportions, beauty, and the list goes on.


In our course we introduce the kids to everything photography from the history of photography, through the anatomy of the camera, to composition, the role of light, and not just that we also give them an idea about photo editing on the computer (depending on their age and computer knowledge.)


We offer courses for schools and we also hold courses at our studio.


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The Photo Makeup Team